The first mobile plugin for WordPress developed for mobile marketers.
Make flawless landing pages and full fledged custom mobile sites in WordPress.

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The web now comes to us wirelessly without a computer or Internet connection through our mobile devices. Up until now, serving up a great landing page on mobile devices was hard to do. Not anymore! Mobile LPS is the only mobile plugin for WordPress you'll ever need!

Mobile Is Interactive

Ever see one of these?

It's a QR code and businesses are using them to drive traffic to their businesses and to mobile landing pages.

QR stands for quick response and you can use these codes to send people to almost any mobile page or it can be used to give specific information.

Use QR codes in magazines or in store windows to send your customers to coupons, maps, opt-in pages, etc.

See How This Works

If you don't have a QR reader, download one to your smart phone.

If you do, then just scan the code to the left.

Now follow the instructions on this mobile landing page

Not only will you see how this works, we'll give you a coupon toward your purchase of MobileLPS.

Mobile Stats

There are 5 billion plus cell phone users versus only 1.8 billion Internet users. This market is already almost 300% larger than the internet.

With over 50% of all social media posts being made from a mobile device you can see the potential.

Don't be left behind

In 1999, most people were just starting to get the Internet. Twelve years later there are many who missed out on that huge opportunity.
In 2011, the next big area for growth is mobile. You can either be a part of it or be left in the dust while your competitors take advantage of this.

Mobile Marketing

This is possibly the biggest fundamental shift in how people communicate. There is a huge opportunity for marketers and brands.